Supplier Information

Legal Disclaimer:

Please do not submit any confidential or personal information to Horizon Utilities Corporation.

You acknowledge and agree that Horizon Utilities Corporation may treat all information you submit as information that is publicly available and collect, exchange, use, analyze and assess your information and provide it to Horizon Utilities Corporation’s affiliates, agents and subcontractors.

Horizon Utilities Corporation will contact only suppliers, who in Horizon Utilities Corporation’s sole discretion, are considered suitable to meet Horizon Utilities Corporation’s business requirements when there is a new sourcing initiative or need. If required, qualified suppliers may receive a Request for Information to enhance our information on the supply market and current supplier and they may also receive a Request for Proposal to bid on a defined contract, product or service.

Your submission/registration and the collection of your information is solely for the purpose of making Horizon Utilities Corporation aware of the goods and/or services offered by you and does not commit Horizon Utilities Corporation to any specific course of action. It does not commit or bind Horizon Utilities Corporation to correspond with you as a supplier, to include you or your submissions in any future proposals, to consider you for future procurement opportunities or to provide to you any explanation for Horizon Utilities Corporation’s decision to accept or reject any submission from you or any supplier. Moreover it does not commit or bind Horizon Utilities Corporation to purchase any goods or service from you. Any costs associated with your submission/registration shall be borne solely by you.

Horizon Utilities Corporation’s procurement activities must be conducted with integrity and all individuals involved in Horizon Utilities Corporation’s procurement activities must act in a manner that is consistent with the Horizon Utilities Corporation Code of Conduct.

Horizon Utilities Corporation Code of Conduct can be found here:

By submitting your information, you accept the terms and conditions set forth above and agree to comply with the Code of Conduct.